• Audience: *cheers*
  • Beethoven: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!

Warning: New Challenger Approaching.

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Hey, I’m looking for more friend codes to find a few more pokemon in the friend safari! My own is normal with ditto, audino and lillipup and I’m looking for pretty much anything, so send me an ask with your friend code and I’ll add you! 

FC: 0189 9385 2863

Would you mind adding me? I’m 3067-6674-5325 Thanks so much!!!

A piece of writing from Collisions, a novel-in-work

I stay in my head, where it’s healthy. It’s all cavity up there, a portable space in which your fellow man can interminably store his thoughts, with no interjection or intersection from the outside world. We’ve all got a cavity. No dental cleansing can rid us of our hollow spaces. You know, some might say that there is a beautiful world that exists beyond our eyes. Rolling hills dressed in fresh zephyrs and stalwart trees cloaked in mutable colors depending on the season. People that flood the streets with a sense of purpose and buildings that kiss the sky with straining efforts to receive a good night’s kiss from Heaven. Blankets of snow whose internal cotton expands in the day, and at night, the holes in the sky illuminate in collaboration with the moon to shed light on the quiet, hushed forest. Lands that slope into a vast sea that gobbles up a beige border, leaving only glimmers of ancient rock teased for millions of sensual years. Well, let me tell you: those places do exist, but they are recreated, re-imagined, and relived behind our eyes. In our little, impenetrable spaces that belong only to us. We are masters of creation, but beyond that, we are advocates of observation. But you must know, we are masters before we are advocates. We do our job before we enjoy our hobbies. We masturbate before we cum.

Perhaps the latter example was unnecessary.

Clever Care

Well, you were upset.

You said, “Please. No flowers.” So…

I got you just one.



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it’s so beautiful outside ; - ;


it’s so beautiful outside ; - ;